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Add support for "simple math" question CAPTCHA

Cameron Cox 6 років тому оновлено Eric - Branch CMS 5 років тому 2
We have a client that is being bombarded with spam form submissions, and they have captchas enabled already. They have a "mouseflow" account that they claim shows these submissions are being filled out by robots.

They are asking for us to either add "simple math question" type of captcha,
Do you have any suggestions? Is it possible to add a "simple math question" captcha option?
Under review
I think that a math captcha is a good idea. This page has some other ideas on it https://www.usertesting.com/blog/2014/04/09/think-your-site-needs-captcha-try-these-user-friendly-alternatives/ .

You could also try the existing honey pot tag for forms: {#form.honeyPot} . That will add a hidden field that if filled out will treat the submission as spam. It can be used with CAPTCHA as an extra protection.