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Ability to disable form fields/field options.

Cameron Cox 11 lat temu Ostatnio zmodyfikowane przez Eric - Branch CMS 9 lat temu 3

It would be nice to be able to disable a form field or a form field option in the CMS. This would be particularly useful to temporarily disable an option in a select menu, without losing the data from it. Example: ability to disable an option on a schedule service form, where someone can choose a day they prefer for service, if appointments for that week are full or that day falls on a holiday. Or to disable an Employment Position opening on an employment form...etc.

We recently pushed out an update that allows you to enable and disable form fields.

Would it be possible to include the ability to Disable/Enable field options in a select menu? We have a client with a schedule estimate form that has day/time select menus, and almost weekly have us update the form to "Disable" certain days/times when they get booked up. As a work around I have it set in the form template that if the field value equals "DISABLED" that option is disabled. This works, but is a bit of a pain. If there was simply a disable button next to the option it would be much clearer and easier for anyone to change on the fly.

This is another good feature request. We'll see what we can do.