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Be able to color code the content block tabs

Wesley Hamel 8 år siden opdateret af Wesley Hamel 8 år siden 2
It would be helpful to be able to color code the content block tabs. This could make it easier when editing pages to pick out the tabs to edit.
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Great suggestion Wes! Would it be more helpful to have a content block always have the same color no mater what template it's used in? Or do you think that it would be better to be able to customize the colors for each template?

The later choice would let content block "A" be blue in one template or green in another.
Customize the colors for each template or for the programer to apply a color in a master area to a section they choose for each site. Not sure, it has to be easy and quick for data input people to pick up easy...like oh green thats for header banners.

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