Default Form Templates

Jeremy Hamel 9 years ago updated by Eric - Branch CMS 9 years ago 0
One of the issues I get from a few of my clients is they want the ability to create their own forms but it usually involved me interceding for them. When a new form is created, there should be a default template already created for the form so that something will at least show on the site.

To take it one step further, under site settings, I think there should be a place to create a default template that will get applied to all new forms. This will provide the ability for me, as web developer, to maintain default form styling, by having a consistent formatting for all forms, while allow the client to create new forms on the fly. To clarify, the default form template would be copied to the new form and create a default template. That we, minor tweaks can also be made as the form requires it.
I'd be happy to share a few different default templates if desired.