Add author to blog

Jeremy Hamel 11 years ago updated by Eric - Branch CMS 9 years ago 3

Often times, I find myself creating an author field for businesses/organizations that have multiple contributors. It would be great to have something defined in the system that would do this automatically.

Also with this, add functionality similar to a category, where you can have author profile page that displays posts by only that author, add a postsByAuthor api, etc.

For bonus points, this is something that could integrate with admin users. Not meaning that only admin users could be authors but that authors could be tied to admin users accounts.

Yes, I think it being tied to an admin account is good. The only concern is when there are content managers, so user A might have written the post but user B actually posts it to the website. Having the person be able to override their own personal account to post as another person would be a must for my use.

This is something that we've toyed around with. Our original plan was to associate authors with admin users as essentially it'll be admin users that create content. It would then be good to have a page (not necessarily just under the blog app) where content created by that user can be listed.