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Be able to access SEO for e.g. Blog App for limited accounts

Richard 12 years ago updated by Eric - Branch CMS 9 years ago 4

For users with limited accounts, unless access is given to the whole of the settings it is not possible to give access to SEO settings for the Blog App, Directory App etc landing pages. We would like to be able to give access to only certain parts of the settings.

Are you wanting to be able to say that someone can only have access to the Post Detail or Post List settings or are you wanting to take it further and set that they can only change the Page Title part of the Post Detail settings? How finite of access restrictions are you wanting to set?

I can see how complex it could make it but only allowing access to certain tabs of the settings would be what we're after I feel. For example, the only areas I would feel 100% comfortable with clients being able to access would be the General Settings tab and the Meta tab. The rest of it is really not something they are likely to need to get into and is probably more confusing to them.