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This is another good feature request. We'll see what we can do.

Cameron - this is a great request and is something that we've thought about in the past.

For a default error message I'd go with "FIELD_LABLE is Required" (replacing FIELD_LABEL with the actual field label. Or perhaps make this a configurable option.

I take it that you like the bulk enable/disable functionality, eh?

That variable shows the resolution width of the device from the WURFL database (http://wurfl.sourceforge.net/). It won't show the desktop size as there is no standard desktop device.

Branch CMS is built with PHP and unfortunately PHP cannot access the screen width as it's a server-side language. You would need to use Javascript. You could pass the width to a cookie value and use that in Branch CMS. See http://www.branchcms.com/blog/post/access-cookie-values-in-branch-cms-code for more information.
Cameron - Are you referring to the size of the mobile device using the Mobile Detection capabilities in Branch CMS? There is {#global.mobile.resolutionWidth} available right now.

Thank you for the updated information. We've got a few ideas that we're kicking around that include:

View by Tag - add support for tagging pages. This would be similar to tagging blog posts. Tags could then be used within the site to view by related pages. You would then also be able to view pages in the administration by tags. This one accomplishes more than what you're requesting and might be useful to others.

View pages by navigation - View the pages based on the navigation menus that they show in. Sort of like viewing all navigation menus on one page in a collapsable tree format. Pages that aren't in a navigation menu would show at the bottom in a "No Navigation Menu" section.

View pages by group - this would add support for grouping pages and is possibly the closest to what you're requesting. I'm just not sure how many other people would use this as it's limited to only changing the display in the administration and serves no other function.

We also want to add some Search functionality to the pages to make it easier to find pages by name, url, page title and perhaps some other content.

Let me know what you think of those options and if one or more would possibly meet your needs.
I completely agree. We've got some plans to improve the deliverability and tracking of sent emails, which should hopefully allow us to do this too.
Thank you for the update Cameron. That helps. Please do have your SEO guy share his thoughts too when he comes back.