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I think that a math captcha is a good idea. This page has some other ideas on it https://www.usertesting.com/blog/2014/04/09/think-your-site-needs-captcha-try-these-user-friendly-alternatives/ .

You could also try the existing honey pot tag for forms: {#form.honeyPot} . That will add a hidden field that if filled out will treat the submission as spam. It can be used with CAPTCHA as an extra protection.
We are in the process of adding support for customer accounts as that will be required first.

I could see this as simply a way of adding credits to customer accounts. This way it could be used with just about any type of store. The only difference is that there would probably need to be a way to limit purchases to only using credits. Does that sound good?
We are still considering this one but haven't come up with a good solution that fits in with other use cases. To help out out a little bit can you share some SEO reasons why you are keeping your URLs flat instead of "nesting" pages under a parent page? Can you please share some posts from some prominent blogs that back this up?
Great suggestion Wes! Would it be more helpful to have a content block always have the same color no mater what template it's used in? Or do you think that it would be better to be able to customize the colors for each template?

The later choice would let content block "A" be blue in one template or green in another.

Right now the Items table isn’t customizable but this is a great feature request. We’ll look into it more and see if we can work it into our development schedule.

1000% agree with this. Analytics is high on our list. The dashboard has sucked for too long.

We will consider this as we roll out the new UI. The black bar at the bottom of the page will be going away as navigation will probably be at the top. There is a lot of elements to work into the header so partner and Branch branding was going to be at the bottom somewhere to avoid cluttering things up more.

I think that having partner information on a Support page would be nice.

Support for client logos is a maybe. Again, we want to keep the interface clean and uncluttered and some company’s logos are not good looking.

Overall, just not sure how/if logos can fit into the new UI that we’re working on.

That does make sense about how you would use this. Thank you for that. We're going to discuss this internally to see if this would fit in and if so, how.

I'm curious, though, to see your answers to my other questions even if they are unrelated to this particular request.

Before we commit to something like this I'd like to get a bit more of a backstory from you and your team.

Regarding the recent issue, were there current aspects of the CMS that enabled you to find out some or all of the answers? Did you use the User Activity section under the User's app?

Would a user activity feed on individual pages help with this issue (or solve it)?

If there was the ability to get emailed about any changes done in the CMS would that help with this issue (or solve it)?

Would having revisions for pages help or resolve this issue? Revisions would enable you to roll back to previous versions of the page and possibly see what was changed.

If we did exactly as you request, how would you envision using this functionality? Please be as specific as possible.

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