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This is still being considered, FYI

A plain text version of the email is already automatically created for every email. It's auto-generated by stripping out the HTML, converting <p> and <br> to line breaks and displaying the link URLs.

Your SEO guys are correct that an HTML email looks more like spam if there isn't a plain text version to go with it. From the beginning of the Campaigns app a plain text version has been sent with each email.

We do plan to build in the ability to override that with specific content.

Are you wanting to do a plain-text only email campaign or to have control over the plain-text version of an HTML email?

Jeremy - we got most of the functionality for doing an iCal feed done today. There are a few more small items to take care of and then this can be pushed out.

I think that both options could actually work well and would have their own use cases.

Having the "limit" parameter would work well when you know exactly how many items you want.

The {break} tag would work well in cases where some other logic is used to exit the loop.

We have thought about this, but wouldn't you be concerned about getting a lot of email notifications?

You are referring to when you are viewing the list of comments in the administration, right?

My biggest concern with this RTE is it's lack of a file/image browser. That is a critical feature for just about any content editor.

With that said, it seems like an interesting editor and I do like that it's mobile friendly. TinyMCE is mobile friendly for newer mobile devices running the latest browser versions.

I also agree with you that it would also be useful to be able to configure which buttons show in TinyMCE.

This is a great idea. Can you expand upon some specific scenarios where you would use this? How do you envision it fitting into the admin?