Campaigns - Plain Text Template

Richard 11 years ago 3

Give the ability to use a plain text version of email campaigns.

Are you wanting to do a plain-text only email campaign or to have control over the plain-text version of an HTML email?

According to the SEO guys here, an email campaign looks less "spammy" if it has a plain-text version of it. I can't think of a case where we'll need to do a plain-text only campaign right now... but I guess you never know.

A plain text version of the email is already automatically created for every email. It's auto-generated by stripping out the HTML, converting <p> and <br> to line breaks and displaying the link URLs.

Your SEO guys are correct that an HTML email looks more like spam if there isn't a plain text version to go with it. From the beginning of the Campaigns app a plain text version has been sent with each email.

We do plan to build in the ability to override that with specific content.