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This is definitely something that we want to do and has been on the todo list for quite a while.

My biggest concern with this RTE is it's lack of a file/image browser. That is a critical feature for just about any content editor.

With that said, it seems like an interesting editor and I do like that it's mobile friendly. TinyMCE is mobile friendly for newer mobile devices running the latest browser versions.

I also agree with you that it would also be useful to be able to configure which buttons show in TinyMCE.

That makes sense. That's a very good suggestion.

Are you referring to an Email Template or adding content to a new email campaign?

For an Email Template there is a field above the Template fields when adding/editing an email template that lets you upload an image. It gives you the full path so that you can add it to your HTML.

This is a great request and we plan to integrate this soon.

Great request. We will work on it as soon as we can.

Cindy, thank you for adding this request, however, we cannot come up with a good reason why a merchant would want to calculate shipping based on the number of items in the cart. In most cases those items would have different sizes and weights and the shipping costs would almost always be incorrectly calculated. For that reason we are going to close this request.

Please see the comment on your idea for the reason why this request was declined.

If you change the order to custom order under the general settings for the store then you can drag the products to reorder in the admin. If the dates are wrong then you can edit the publish date under the Publish Status tab when editing a product.

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