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Are you wanting to be able to say that someone can only have access to the Post Detail or Post List settings or are you wanting to take it further and set that they can only change the Page Title part of the Post Detail settings? How finite of access restrictions are you wanting to set?

Thank you Becky. The ability to see the total usage for the entire site is not there yet (although your site is under your limit). You can see the total size of each file in the File Browser. http://docs.aptuitiv.com/apps/site-manager/file-browser


Are you referring to when you're setting up which fields to show under which tab for an app item?

Please add as a comment to the original request

Just so that we understand you completely, you want something like a textarea field to put more content into, is that correct?

Not a bad idea, but might be a little while before we can get to it.

We have come across this before, however, in those situations we couldn't come up with a good reason why the Main Content block just couldn't be used.

Are you populating the main content block some other way on the page? Like through an API?