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This is a definite pain point that we are well aware of and want to fix as soon as we can. A work-around is to use Accounts. Add an account and use the Campaigns folder to add that account to a specific campaign list.

This is extremely high on our list. We have been working towards this for quite a while. The hardest part that we haven’t cracked yet is the best navigation structure for smaller screens.

Good suggestion. Are you experiencing this more when uploading in the File Browser or when using the Image attribute upload?
This is a great suggestion, but a complex one so this might not come about anytime soon.

Our process here is to use image compression in our Grunt/Gulp build processes. That works great. I also personally use the great free ImageOptim Mac app for processing images sometimes: https://imageoptim.com/
We’ve given a lot of thought to this one and still have not come up with a good solution yet. This seems to be just a need in the admin UI. We’re very hesitant to add new functionality like this that appears to organize pages but doesn’t actually have any effect on how pages are displayed on the public website. We are concerned that it will cause confusion.

It sounds like the root of the problem is finding pages within the admin, right? We have had that same concern with large sites that are well organized in parent/child paths. Perhaps a way to easily filter/search pages in the admin would be a better fix for a wider audience. What do you think?
We recently pushed out an update that allows you to enable and disable form fields.