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That would be even better!

I love the bulk editing features you have implemented! They definitely save a lot of time!

Would it be possible to include the ability to Disable/Enable field options in a select menu? We have a client with a schedule estimate form that has day/time select menus, and almost weekly have us update the form to "Disable" certain days/times when they get booked up. As a work around I have it set in the form template that if the field value equals "DISABLED" that option is disabled. This works, but is a bit of a pain. If there was simply a disable button next to the option it would be much clearer and easier for anyone to change on the fly.

Gotcha. And good call. Thanks
I wasn't aware that was an option. I think that is basically what I am looking for, but would it work for all devices? Or just mobile? What I am looking for is a variable that would detect the screen width for responsive sites. So it would need to work on a desktop, tablet etc. Not just on mobile devices. Is that possible?
These are great suggestions! This one is definitely what we are really looking for:

"View pages by group - this would add support for grouping pages and is possibly the closest to what you're requesting. I'm just not sure how many other people would use this as it's limited to only changing the display in the administration and serves no other function."

Although, the others do have advantages as well. It would be incredible if we could pair "View pages by group" and the "Search" feature!
I did speak with our SEO guy and he basically re-iterated what I said above. Basically, he said you will not find an article that says "don't nest pages", and if done properly it is not a huge deal. But based on several various factors, we have started using this method and it has been working well for us. Plus it does make the url's easy to remember and give out directly.

One thought I had, and maybe this is out of the realm of possibility, is if you are concerned that changing the pages layout in the CMS would confuse other users, maybe there could be an option under Site Settings to turn on/off page nesting in the url. Then the layout and functionality of the current page manager could stay exactly the same, and the only change that would be made is if the setting is enabled the url would not include folders. Does that make sense? Probably not as simple of a fix as it sounded in my head, but just a thought. Thanks!
The general consensus from our SEO department is the following:
  • Shorter URL's are generally better. Excerpt from a moz.com blog:
    "Shorter URLs are, generally speaking, preferable. You don't need to take this to the extreme, and if your URL is already less than 50-60 characters, don't worry about it at all. But if you have URLs pushing 100+ characters, there's probably an opportunity to rewrite them and gain value."
  • Page folders often limit page exposure to search engines (http://www.webconfs.com/seo-sub-domains-or-directories-article-65.php). This is an issue, because our service landing pages (like a Residential Service) is generally a simple page with basic information and the meat of the information is on the individual service page. So for instance, Bed Bug Control is generally a very important page, but if nested under Residential Services it possible the search engine would not crawl deep enough to pull that page into search results. Google generally limits the number of search results per domain to 2 or 3, so if you have more pages that are relevant, they might not show in the main search results.
  • Overall user experience. URL structures that do not contain folders are easier to remember and share.
These are just a few quick highlights from a brief discussion with a few people. Our main SEO guy is out right now, but I will ask him to weigh in on this and provide more facts when he gets back (most likely next week sometime).