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Thank you very much! I apologize that I completely disregarded your questions, I did not mean to do so. Please see my responses below:

Regarding the recent issue, were there current aspects of the CMS that enabled you to find out some or all of the answers? Did you use the User Activity section under the User's app?
- In this particular case that would not have helped, simply because it was more of a "why did someone do that" type of situation. However, the user activity has been very useful in the past.

Would a user activity feed on individual pages help with this issue (or solve it)?
- This would be a very cool feature! Again, it wouldn't necessarily solve what I initially requested, but it would definitely be a useful feature.

If there was the ability to get emailed about any changes done in the CMS would that help with this issue (or solve it)?
- I think this may be a little overwhelming in our case, simply because we have too many sites and are making constant edits.

Would having revisions for pages help or resolve this issue? Revisions would enable you to roll back to previous versions of the page and possibly see what was changed.
- Once again, would not solve the original request, but would be an awesome feature for the CMS. I can definitely think of prior messes that could have been resolved with this!

Thanks again! Branch CMS is a pleasure to work in!
Thank you for the reply. What we are envisioning this feature for, would have nothing to do with CMS changes. We are thinking more for custom comments on a per site basis as a central place to store important information. For example if there were a Site Comments section we would use it for things such as:
  • Keeping a list of any 3rd party plugins used on that site (call tracking, social media plugins/analytics, live chat, heat map, etc)
  • Notes from the clients to be mindful of (words/phrases not to be used etc)
  • Specific site request from a client (For our memory sake as to why something was done. Recent example would be a request from a client to have duplicate content on 2 different url's with a canonical link.)
  • Any other information that may be useful for everyone to have access to.
The comments for individual pages would be used for the same purposes, but would simply be page specific. Does that make more sense?
Awesome! That is good to hear. If you would like I would be happy to mention this to Wes and see if he has any ideas on a nav structure for small screens.
Definitely seeing this the most when using an Image Upload field. Especially within the Blog app. We have some sites with 500 Blog posts and probably 1/4 of those are about bed bugs. There are only so many image names you can come up with for a bed bug image....
Yeah, I knew this one was certainly a tall order. I also have used the ImageOptim app, and love it! The only problem is we found that it doesn't do nearly as good of a job compressing large images as TinyPNG does. ImageOptim is certainly more user friendly and much quicker, but TinyPNG does a far better job.
I understand your cause for concern on that. I think a filter or search would be helpful, but still not a great answer. There are many times we may not know the name of the page we are looking for, but just know that it belongs to a specific section. Which is why a folder type organization would be so helpful. Would it be possible to have a setting that can be changed or an option selected that changes the admin? Like a Classic Page Manager that allows nesting pages and the folder levels in the URL or a Modern Page Manager that would allow the organization of nested pages without altering the URL.

Sorry, I meant to the actual email campaign. So instead of adding an editable content field in the email template you could choose to add an image upload field instead.